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Build with Smart Dwellings for peace of mind. All our homes come with an extensive 10-year warranty. Residential Warranty Company, LLC, with over 40 years of experience, is backed by Western Pacific Mutual Insurance Company. Our warranty offers financial security and transferable coverage, ensuring your home is free from defects. Build with us for a delightful new home experience!

Shows what's covered in the RWC 10 year customized state warranty for Wyoming

Warranty Requests

Call our after-hours number if one of the following applies:

  • Power is out (and it's not the utility company's responsibility - example: inclement weather)
  • Total loss of heat or A/C (and that presents a danger due to the extreme outside temperature)
  • Plumbing leak (requiring the entire water supply to be shut off)

Please note: You must still submit a warranty request after calling. Also, keep in mind that this hotline is provided as a service to our customers, but we do not always have staff available.

Warranty Request

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