Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I schedule a sales consultation outside your advertised business hours?

    Yes, if the times we are open do not work for you, contact us to schedule a meeting at another time.

  2. Do you have any homesites for sale?

    No, we do not sell homesites without a home. As home builders, our mission is to build homes with a delightful new home experience, so selling lots alone doesn’t accomplish our mission.

  3. How much money do I need to put down?

    The amount of deposit we require varies based on the price of the home, number of requests for custom options, and other mitigating circumstances. We require a minimum $500-1000 refundable earnest money deposit with the Base House Construction and Sale Agreement in order to start the design process and get the site designed and make selections.  We will let you know at that point how much additional non-refundable construction deposit we need to secure a start date and begin construction, but plan on somewhere around another $4000 for a total deposit of $5000.  More may be required depending on the total value of luxury options selected.  All deposit money is applied to the purchase price of the home at closing. 

  4. I have a plan I love - can you build it for me?

    We would love to look at your plan with you to learn which features you love and determine which of our plans might offer similar features. However, building a new plan for the first time requires a lot of resources in structural & mechanical design; drafting construction layouts for cabinets, countertops, shelving, etc.; estimating; figuring out small details that are not clear in the plan (there are always some).  The process of building a unique one-off plan for each customer with unlimited customer-defined specifications is what defines custom home building and comes with a much higher price-tag and longer build times.  We have found that our plans and available structural options are able to suit a wide variety of needs and price-points, so even if you think you are in the market for a custom home, give us a chance -- You might find that with a few pre-designed plan options one of our homes is a perfect fit for your needs. 

  5. I really like one of your plans, but I just want to tweak the plan a little. Will you move some walls just a few inches/feet for me?

    We try to never say “We’ll never do that,” but our experience has been that many changes buyers think are “minor,” end up being much more involved than anyone expects going in. For example, moving a wall just a few inches may require moving foundations and/or structural footings, recalculating headers or beams, changing plumbing or mechanical layouts, revising cabinet/countertop layouts, changing the size of interior doors, require re-designing roof trusses, or even causing potential building code issues that we may not catch right away. At this point, that “minor” plan tweak starts to look a lot like the custom home building experience described in the previous questions. In the short, custom plan changes often create issues that lead to a home buying experience that falls short of “delightful.”  If there is a change you just have to have, we are willing to consider your idea--maybe it is an improvement that we'll want to adopt in our standard plan or add as a standard plan option.  Just be aware that because drafting and estimating costs money, we are not able to provide pricing on custom plan changes without a base price contract and some non-refundable deposit money.  

  6. I need some remodeling work done on my existing home. Can you help me with that?

    Because we are committed to be the best New Home Builder possible, we do not offer remodeling services. Remodeling is a different business, with different challenges, requiring a different skill set. 

  7. Do I need to have a real estate agent?

    No, we use our own contracts for the sales process, we help you connect with one of our preferred lenders, will communicate directly with the title company, and will help you navigate every step of this sometimes confusing process.

  8. I prefer to work with a real estate agent. Is that ok?

    Yes, If you have a trusted real estate agent who has been showing you existing homes and helping you navigate the ofttimes stressful world of real estate sales, we are happy to work with them to help you find the right home for you. It is likely that without their expert advice you may not have come to the point of considering a new home purchase. We appreciate all the work your Realtor has done in helping educate and prepare you to take the leap into home ownership and we will compensate them fairly for the hard work they do to help with your purchase. If you have asked a Realtor to show you some homes on the market, but haven’t signed a buyer’s representation agreement with them, please communicate your intentions clearly to them as to whether you are planning on having them represent them on your new home sale. If you do wish to have a Realtor represent you, please work through them to schedule showings and appointments with our sales staff.

  9. Can I lock in a building site without deciding which plan I want yet?

    Yes, many buyers know they want to purchase a specific lot in one of our communities, but they need a little more time to figure out which plan they want to build. We can offer up to a 60 day reservation agreement with a refundable $500 deposit. If you decide at any point not to move forward with the purchase, we will refund your deposit.

  10. Do you have any plans with accessibility in mind?

    We try to incorporate elements of accessibility into all our homes. Our standard lower light switch and raised outlet placement works better for adults, children, and wheelchair bound residents alike. We offer many homes with single level living available. All master bathrooms include a large, walk-in shower. Other accommodations can be provided at a reasonable cost as needed

  11. Do you build in Green River or other areas?

    We do not currently own any homesites in Green River or other areas. We would consider building on your lot if you have a suitable homesite, or aquiring a homesite for you if you locate a suitable homesite that you love.

  12. Do you sell your plans?

    No. Although we developed many of our original plans, we are now moving to purchase plans from outsourced plan designers so that we may more effectively focus on the business of building homes for our customers. Every plan we consider for purchase requires some tweaking and adjustment to meet our needs, and it would be no different for potential buyers if we offered to sell plans. In addition, plans never contain all the information needed to complete a house, and we would need to be prepared to answer questions about specific details, product sourcing, & provide additional information, which we do not have resources to do at this time. Someone interested in purchasing our plans would be far better served to reach out to one of any number of plan websites, find a similar plan, and pay a professional designer to make their desired modifications

  13. Do I have to provide my own construction loan?

    If you are buying a new home in one of our communities, then we provide the construction loan and cover all associated costs and paperwork during construction. You are only responsible to secure your permanent financing. However, if we are building a new home on your lot, you will need to secure your own construction loan.  We are happy to refer you to one of our preferred lenders for a fantastic one-time close loan that will save you thousands. 

  14. Do you offer financing?

    We provide construction financing for homes built in our communities.  You will need to find a lender of your choice to secure your permanent financing. Fortunately, we have a few preferred lenders who write loans for a living and can help make the process of applying for and securing a loan as easy as it can be.

  15. Can I reserve a homesite before getting pre-approved by my lender?

    Yes, you may reserve a homesite with a reservation agreement & $500 refundable deposit contingent upon submitting a letter of prequalification from your lender within a week of the reservation. If it turns out you are not able to qualify at this time, we will refund your deposit.

  16. I’m new to home ownership. Will you help me know how to care for my new home?

    Absolutely, we include detailed Home Maintenance Tips at closing with each new home. We also perform a thorough New Home Orientation to make sure you know about all the features of your new home. In addition, we welcome any questions you might have down the road if you run into something we didn’t address during your orientation.

  17. How long does it take to build a home generally?

    Our construction process is typically anywhere from 90-120 days, depending on weather, subcontractor & material availability, & other factors. However, we require a 60 day preconstruction period to select options, conduct thorough site visits, complete drafting & estimating, create construction schedules, apply for building permits and secure financing, generate purchase orders, and otherwise prepare your project so it can run as smoothly as possible.

  18. Do you offer included fencing or landscaping?

    We do offer vinyl fencing for an extra charge. At this time, we do not have the resources to offer landscaping. Someone should approach us with a landscaping business plan and a landscaping options pricing sheet!

  19. Can I do any of the work to save money like painting, or finish the basement myself later?

    We are what is known in the Industry as a "Turnkey" builder.  This means we are selling you entire, move-in-ready, complete home, with a door-to-door warranty with a delightful home building experience.  In order to provide this complete package, we cannot accept the liability of customer work going awry by either taking too long to complete or running into potential quality defects that affect later phases. Besides, wouldn’t you rather be doing something you love in your spare time than working on a home? That being said, if you would like to finish the basement yourself, once you have closed on the home, it is your castle and you are free to do with it what you want. We will even offer you our basement plan if you desire.  Sometimes we get asked to partially finish a basement to drywall phase so the homeowner can finish it themself and save money. We are not able to offer partial basement finishing due to issues with building codes and permits, and complications with warranty.  


  20. Do you offer rent-to-own homes?

    While we wish we had the financial backing to be able to offer rent-to-own option on our homes, this is not something we are able to do.    

  21. Why are you named Smart Dwellings? Do you build smart homes with lots of technology?

    Our homes are Smart because they are well designed with smart features to offer comfortable living at an affordable price with a process that allows the homeowner to purchase only features they want without the hassle of custom construction.  We feel that many of the high-tech features being marketed as “Smart Home Technology” are little more than gimmicks that cost a lot but provide few needed benefits. However, If you have seen a new technology that you feel would improve your life and is a must-have for you, tell us about it and we will look at whether we can include it for you.  A final word on “smart” tech, in order to provide any particular feature, we have to have a viable supply chain and reputable subcontractor to perform the work, and in our current market we do not have a many such resources at present.