2023 Year-in-Review

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As we reflect on 2023, it's hard not to feel a swell of pride for all the milestones we've achieved at Smart Dwellings. Let's take a stroll down memory lane.

excited homeowners smile at each other when they receive $150 cash

150th Home Milestone: Drumroll, please! We hit a monumental milestone by completing our 150th home. Thank you to the 150 families who have trusted us to build their homes, and everyone who's been a part of this incredible journey!

Two women present at the Chamber of Commerce Lunch and Learn in 2023

Presentations on the Go: Smart Dwellings took the show on the road, sharing our inspiration for smart living in various locations. We loved connecting with you and spreading the joy of winning lightbulbs and blankets at our Kahoot! games.

teenager sitting on a dunk tank about ready to fall in the water. girl throws ball at the target

Mustang Ridge Magic: Mustang Ridge became the talk of the town with not one, not two, but FIVE move-in ready homes! We had a super fun block party that included dunking my children in cold water. Thank you, dear community, for your participation. 

bald man trying hard to not panic as he sits in an ice bath after running a 5K at Cannonball Moments

Chilling Management Moments: Our management team took the plunge into the world of Cannonball Moments training, complete with actual ice baths! It might have been a bit frosty, but the lessons learned were worth it. Too bad we didn't win an ice bath of our own. 

Builders on the Move: Our construction pros journeyed to the International Builders' Show in January, soaking in the latest trends, techniques, and innovations in the industry. Staying at the forefront of construction ensures that every Smart Dwellings home is built with the end in mind.

brother-builders Justin and Nathaniel from Smart Dwellings visit job site and smile

Learning and Growing: In October, Beth had a blast at a Digital Marketing Summit hosted by Blue Tangerine and Outhouse. Also in October, Justin and Nathaniel visited Texas to get some on-site training with other builder experts. We love a chance to sharpen skills, exchange ideas, and be in touch with other professionals in the industry.

car almost entirely burned by snow in Rawlins WY 2023

It was a wet one, Charlie Brown: In Southwest Wyoming, we had one of the wettest winters on record. From buried cars to excess moisture, it was... FUN! Or at least the kids enjoyed building lots of snowmen. The extra wetness brought unusual challenges, but like most challenges, it helped us to grow and improve. 

white vehicle drives through standing water in the RSJH school parking lot 2023

Welcome Evanston's New Sales Star: Smart Dwellings welcomed an addition to the family in the form of a delightful New Home Specialist in Evanston. Taylor is doing so well and is ready to help you!

custom house wrap on new construction with brand logo for Smart Dwellings 2023

Super Duper Warranty: Hold onto your hard hats! Our warranty system got a major upgrade. We're not just building homes; we're building peace of mind for the next decade. Erik joined our team to help us make in-house fulfillment possible! He's doing a PHENOMENAL job and we only hear raving reviews about him! Also, fun fact: we got house wrap with our logo on it.

smart dwellings kitchen white cabinets stainless steel appliances, grey granite countertops

Feedback Matters: Your satisfaction is our top priority. This year, we implemented Customer Satisfaction Surveys to hear your thoughts loud and clear. Thank you to all who have participated; we are grateful for the valuable feedback that helps us grow.

Two Model Homes: With a community in Evanston and another in Rock Springs, Wyoming, we decided to set up a model home in both locations! Partnering with local businesses Cazins and Rushmore Furniture, they are beautifully staged and you might just want to stay forever. (which you can, by the way... they are both for sale as well)

Self-Tour: 365 days a year from 6 am-11 pm! Both of our model homes have special U-Tour locks on them so you can set up an appointment to tour at your convenience! You can use a computer at home to set up your appointment, or simply scan the QR code on the door with your smartphone! 


As we wrap up 2023, Smart Dwellings is not just a home builder; we're your partners in creating a delightful living experience. Here's to more milestones, more smart spaces, and more joy in the coming year. Thank you for being a part of the Smart Dwellings family!

We appreciate you. We wish you the Merriest Christmas and Happy New Year!


The Smart Dwellings Team

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Author: Beth Lemon