Don't Get Overwhelmed! Choose Smart!

Posted: January, 29, 2023 | Categories: Blog | Tips & Trends

Make your selections the Smart [Dwellings] way!

Keeping it simple with white walls? Awesome! You're off to a great start! But... if you’ve ever visited the paint section of a hardware store, you’ll know that there are dozens of choices even if you know want “just white” walls. I mean, how does one choose between "Creamy" and "Downy" anyway? Can’t it be simpler?

Yes, yes it can be simpler.

Our goal is to help you feel empowered to make great choices for your home that you can trust will turn out beautifully! We’ve put together something we call Design Packages to help bring happiness to your life! What's in it for you? Freedom to choose, the gift of knowing it’s going to turn out well! 

Man and Woman making selections at a table with example designs laid out. A designer is helping them


 It's more fun to have fun, right?

Nobody wants to feel overwhelmed and everyone wants to make the "right" choice that they can be happy with long-term. At Smart Dwellings we start with designer looks that are trusted, on-trend, and incorporate only the highest quality products. 

Coordinating color and finish choices all lined out clearly for simple and beautiful choices

Did someone say snacks?

Ever tried to decide something important while your stomach is rumbling? We have a variety of SNACKS!! We are here to empower you (and keep your brain fed and thinking clearly) so you can make decisions you can feel confident in!

Have a child with you?

We have child-friendly snacks and drinks on-hand as well. We want you to feel comfortable and welcome. Not only is it our goal to simplify the design selection process, but we also want to make this a delightful experience! We have a selection of coloring pages, LEGO® Duplos, and other toys to help your little ones enjoy their time here too. 

a variety of toys laid out in a pleasing way - stuffed animals, coloring books, LEGOS, and trucks

Come on Over

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Author: Beth Lemon