What Goes Into Building A Home?

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Have you ever seen those pie chart memes of what ACTUALLY goes into things vs. what other people THINK goes into things? The expectation vs. reality type of meme? Kinda like this one?

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Well, I asked our Smart Dwellings team members what things they thought went into building a house and had full intentions of making a cheeky social media post with the results. However, contrary to the responses I expected (stuff like nails, 2x4's, accounting, phone calls, spreadsheets, and emails)  I got back some pretty amazing answers.

One particularly thoughtful answer directed my thoughts completely away from making a lame internet pie chart meme.  Because, let's face it - pie charts (and memes in general) are kind of removed from real life, right? But the houses we build at Smart Dwellings are actually HOMES for real people like you. So instead of pie charts, I'm going to share photos of real pies from my family's own Smart Dwellings kitchen to go along with Justin's thoughts. 

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From Justin Bartlett, Construction Superintendent at Smart Dwellings

What goes into building a home?

Let's start with the word "excitement"

From the thrill and excitement of having a new project to complete as a construction manager. watching as it all unfolds into a glorious structure, to the excitement and gleam in our customers' eyes as their dreams are starting to become a reality. "Excitement" is one key part of building a home.

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Unfortunately, frustration is another keyword you'll find in building a home. From product delays and shortages to minor imperfections and re-do's, frustration will always be a natural factor in building a home. But it's all right. You'll get through it!

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Thoughts, ideas, and dreams   

Without any of these things, building a home is nearly impossible. Think about it for a second. When you hear the word "school building" or "DMV" for example. Do you feel comfortable? Right at home, possibly? Absolutely not. They are structures built just the same as a home is built, right? But they are missing the key ingredients! Thoughts, Dreams, and ideas. The aspiration for a place to call "your" home. A place to host friends and family during the holidays and summer barbecues. A place of safety and comfort.


What else do you think goes into the pie of building a home? Email me with your answers! 

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Author: Beth Lemon & Justin Bartlett