Why Rock Springs, WY is a Great Place to Live!

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Welcome to the rugged allure of Rock Springs, where the spirit of Wyoming thrives in every corner. In this blog post, we'll take a look at what makes living in Rock Springs a unique and compelling experience. From its close-knit community to the breathtaking landscapes and a touch of history, join us on a journey through the authentic charm that sets Rock Springs, Wyoming apart. 

  1. Community Bonds: Rock Springs embodies a strong sense of community, where neighbors genuinely look out for each other. We're far enough away from large cities to be comfortable, and close enough to hop on I-80 to visit the big lights when you want to! There's always something new to do in Downtown Rock Springs, including community theatre, sleigh rides at Christmas, and visiting performing artists.

  2. Energy Industry Hub: Rock Springs plays a vital role in the energy sector, offering top-notch career prospects for those in the industry with many local employers. PacifiCorp, Tata Chemicals, Genesis Energy, and MSPSI are some of the largest employers here.

  3. Cultural Diversity: Every summer we host an International Days Festival to celebrate our cultural diversity. Rock Springs is home to a whopping 56 Nationalities! Now I'm craving the baklava and cabbage rolls that are some of the offerings at International Days. Speaking of food, Rock Springs boasts a large range of dining options on the regular, from steakhouses to a new Hot Pot restaurant.

  4. Historical Roots: The downtown area echoes with history, featuring well-preserved buildings and stories from the past. We have passionate curators who can show and tell you about the much wilder past of the West. These days, things are quite safe and tame, but it wasn't always that way. Get an up-close and personal view of antiques at the Rock Springs Historical Museum while the kids enjoy hands-on activities. You can even go inside a prisoner's cell that once held the infamous Butch Cassidy.

  5. Rodeo Spirit: Embrace the cowboy culture with rodeos, country fairs, and western events that are a regular part of life. Haven't been yet? It's pretty fun to say out loud that it's your first rodeo.  My personal favorite is the Red Desert Roundup, mostly because a couple of us here at Smart Dwellings have sung the National Anthem for it. It's one of the few times you'll encounter much traffic here. 

  6. Affordability: Rock Springs provides an affordable cost of living, allowing residents to allocate their finances to experiences. Of all the Rocky Mountain states, Wyoming beats out her Utah, Colorado, Idaho, and Montana neighbors. We are also rated as one of the 20 most affordable states to live in. Don't believe me? See MERIC's 2023 data.

  7. Quality Education: The close-knit school district and Western Wyoming Community College offer a diverse array of educational opportunities from marching band to hands-on tech training certificates. Internships with surrounding businesses, including Memorial Hospital, give kids many opportunities to grow in their own way. I also want to mention the fantastic libraries in Sweetwater County, where there are no late fees (!!!!!!!), ongoing activities for many age groups, and even a Children's Discovery Center! We LOVE the Discovery Center - even my teenagers can get lost in there for a couple of hours. 

  8. Spectacular Sunsets & Geological Marvels: The Nearby Killpecker Sand Dunes are the largest moving dunes outside the Sahara Desert and are worth the 4-wheel drive out to see them. I've never felt softer sand on my bare feet! You can even go sandboarding with equipment rented from the Travel & Tourism office.  Our region is part of the greater Red Desert, known for its unique rock formations and wide-open spaces. From fossil prospecting to 4-wheeling, there's a lot to see and do.

  9. Proximity to National Parks: Rock Springs' location makes it convenient for quick getaways to renowned national parks without being an overly touristy destination itself. Everyone always thinks of Yellowstone, but many other sites of interest are worth your visit. Here are just a few: Bridger-Teton National Forest, Sinks Canyon, Ashley National Forest, Scotts Bottom FMC Park, Firehole Campground, and Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge.

  10. Stargazing Opportunities: So we don't have a large population here. That's ok. Amazon totally makes up for what you can't get locally. One of the many benefits: less light pollution, making Southwest Wyoming an ideal spot for stargazing. Pack up some snacks and a blanket for a serene nighttime experience. There are great photo opportunities for the photo bug (at night and during the day) My photo tip: Don't just take a picture of the stars - pair it with a cool local element like Pilot Butte or Boar's Tusk in the foreground. Also, don't forget your tripod; you'll want it for long exposures. Want to go with a group? Hit up the SWC Photography Club. They are always up for an adventure!

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Author: Beth Lemon