You Know You Live Wyoming If....

Posted: February, 17, 2023 | Categories: Blog | Benefits of Wyoming

you can't tell that you just shoveled the driveway

Okay, it's not always that bad. But sometimes, it does seem like the wind likes to put the snow right back where you got it from.

you found a 307 rock 


Our first experience with 307 rocks was when my youngest boy was playing at the park on his birthday.  As he reached the top of the playground he shouted out with joy, "Mom! I found a rock!" 

Since 307 is the area code for the entire state of Wyoming, you can follow along with a Facebook group where people decorate, hide, find, and re-hide happy little rocks to bring a little extra joy to the world. 

I've since found them at gas stations, on city streets, outside the library, and even in the desert.

taking the escalator is a super fun ride


Seriously, though. You might as well skip Disneyland because the kids who grow up in a place with nothing taller than 2 stories are easily amused.

people do little things help each other out


I found these gloves, kindly put in an easy-to-spot place for the person who dropped them. You'll also notice things like waving strangers, and 4-way stops that take longer than necessary because everyone is too nice to go first.  

Another cool story - my son and I were given much-needed water bottles by a stranger randomly when we were on a long bike ride. Truly, it is an amazing place to live. 

you've had to wait for livestock to moooove


Cows, sheep, deer, you name it. I've even waited for an awkward little white weasel to lope across the road. 

an elk was sleeping on the job


Good thing we weren't paying him to be there, because this guy was sleeping through our construction crew building a house right next door. 

a deer has taken your parking spot


This one was hanging out in the parking lot of our Evanston office.

you've spotted a bear!  


The authorities were very on top of watching this particular bear, who was wandering around the neighborhoods of eastern Rock Springs.  

Typically, you might just be watching out for bears when in the mountains, or out exploring in the back country, but this little guy was extra curious. 

a deer has decided to move into your backyard


Yes, it's true. But no fear, my gardener friends, there are some here who have figured out how to outsmart these guests and keep them from eating your produce.  

you got a snow day as a grown-up


We didn't blame Construction Superintendent Will for not making it to work for a few days... I mean, even if he got his car out of the snow, the roads were closed. 

The weather is not something to mess with here. You get an emergency kit in your car and you check the weather before you go on a trip.  Don't forget the snacks! 

your dog needs a coat... and nearly disappears in the snow


My little Soofie loves the snow even more if she's got a little coat on for warmth. Here she is nearly swimming through the snow a few weeks ago. 

Lots of people have dogs here. I claimed I'd never be one of them, but how could I resist this sweet face? 

you've named the neighborhood moose


Look, it's Sparkles and Pinkie! Aww, when did Pinkie get so big?  

Note - just don't go try and pet them, ok?  Or the buffalo. 

the library craft was cutting apart a cute little stuffed animal


Whitney's children got to make their very own taxidermy specimens (stuffed animal style) at the weekly library craft.  They start 'em young here, and this girl's little bear now hangs proudly on the wall, 

Yes, hunting is kind of a big thing here. And you'll find that many people truly stock their freezers with the wild game they've brought home. 

P.S. You can tell we're a WY homebuilder because we are happy to beef up the walls where you want to hang your trophies. Just let us know ahead of time, and we'll make sure you've got an opening big enough to get those antlers through the door!

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