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What Makes Smart Dwellings Smart?

Article by Justin Bartlett:

I often get asked by customers, and occasionally by curious passersby in the Home Depot parking lot, "What makes smart dwellings smart?" People often assume our homes are "smart" in terms of technology, but that's not quite accurate. Anyone can build and sell you a home with a bunch of voice-activated gadgets that you don't really need. The answer to this question isn't a short one either. Get ready! 

The journey toward a "Smart Dwellings" home begins long before the first shovel hits the ground. Drawing on over 15 years of home-building expertise, we've meticulously designed and refined multiple plan sets and processes. Our goal? To ensure functionality and affordability for every homeowner. If you've owned an older home, you'll understand the value of our thoughtful approach. You know the quirks causing a certain amount of frustration to anyone - like a cabinet door that doesn't 
fully open because a wall is in the way, or a bedroom door that won't fit your mattress through it? We've invested time in revising and gathering feedback from our homeowners, making our processes and homes undeniably smart in terms of usability - transforming challenges into smart solutions. But that's just the beginning. 

If you're building your own home with us, instead of investing in our move-in-ready homes, you'll witness another smart process unfold. Kudos to our sales team, equipped with the experience to guide you through any obstacles or questions about the home-buying process. They'll navigate discussions about lenders, help you select the smartest plan for your needs, and provide insights into what lies ahead in your journey. Let's not forget our design team. The unsung heroes behind our expertly curated options and finishes. Tested and true, these products reflect years of confidence in their performance. Black or satin? The decision is yours. 

Next come the construction methods that form the backbone of our homes. Our green framing approach not only maximizes insulation in your walls but also minimizes thermal conduction without compromising durability or strength. Imagine Wyoming winter temperatures staying exactly where they should be - OUTSIDE! You’ll benefit from substantial savings on your heating and cooling bills every month. In addition to your energy-efficient appliances, the materials we use, such as LSL, LVL, and CLT, also known as "engineered lumber products," are sustainable and produce less waste on site than traditional lumber and framing methods. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they boast superior strength and straightness, earning our homes extra smart points! We prioritize low or zero-VOC paints, along with environmentally friendly silicone and sealants. Isn't that pretty smart too?

In a world where "smart" often equates to gadgets, we redefine the concept. Our homes embody "smart" from the ground up, promising functionality, efficiency, and a commitment to sustainability, along with our super smart processes. Step into a home where every detail and process has been meticulously crafted - that's the true essence of a Smart Dwellings home.


 Open House 
Sat Dec 9th 11 am - 2 pm
Mustang Ridge - Rock Springs

 Christmas Cheer is extra bright with the keys to a New Home under the tree! Come check out the MOVE-IN-READY homes in Mustang Ridge. You've earned it! 

Hot Cocoa & Lunch Dec 13th 
11 am - 1 pm
Dreamcatcher - Evanston

 This "muddy boots" tour will begin over at our Model Home on 300 Feather Way. Taylor will show you around the picturesque Dreamcatcher community and introduce you to a brand-new floor plan!

Hello! Did we just say Brand New Car!? Yep, we will pay a two-year lease in full on a brand new Ford Explorer or F-150 extended cab truck if you close on one of 5 move-in-ready homes in Mustang Ridge!

Seriously. We've partnered with First Choice Ford in Rock Springs and are serious about getting some famlies into new homes before Christmas!
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Author: Justin Bartlett