Newsletter Issue 18: February 2024

Posted: February, 1, 2024 | Categories: Benefits of Wyoming | Newsletter

the Smart Dwellings Scoop February 2024, Issue 18. Image of a charming country home with a large front porch, cranberry front door, and a 3-car garage built by Smart Dwellings in Southwest Wyoming

Jack Frost visits wyoming as seen on frosty blades of grass, foggy street view of houses, and on shrubbery leaves. Delicate, tiny Icicles cling to every surface.

Jack Frost Visits Wyoming

If you're local, you know we had some unusually heavy fog the last week or so, and for a place with generally low humidity, it certainly changed things up a bit! Even the tiniest outcropping was covered in the delicate decorations of Jack Frost!  Or, as our little one would say, "It look[ed] like Elsa got mad outside." 

Cold Outside, Warm Inside

While the outside world is covered with snow and ice, you can be extra glad to have a nice warm home! 

Speaking from personal experience, I've noticed a significant difference (for the better!) in the electric bills for Smart Dwellings homes compared to homes of similar size.

Our commitment to energy-saving practices translates into real savings for homeowners. When those winter winds start to howl, you can sit and enjoy the beauty without worrying about frozen pipes or exorbitant heating bills. 

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upcoming events:



The Gutenberg is here!
Open House 102 Kachina Dr


Experience the new Gutenberg floor plan this Saturday, February 10th from 11 am-1 pm!
Open House directions here.



Death By Chocolate:
A Chamber Mixer Event


 Wednesday, 5-7 pm at 300 Feather Way!
You're invited too! Come for an evening of decadence and tour our fully decorated model home at 300 Feather Way, Evanston, WY. 
Directions to chocolate bliss here.

don't miss this promotion!

Up to 20KYourWay Promotion going on now through the end of February 2024.

This deal is still going through February! Act quickly!


The first people who close on a select move-in-ready home get $20K, the second get $15K, and the third get $10K.   OR, if you sign an agreement to build a home with us during this promotional period, you will receive $10K toward luxury options! 



featured blog post:

Wild horse grazes in sagebrush in southwest wyoming.


Rock Springs, WY is a Great Place to Live
 Spoiler: did you know we have no late fees in the Sweetwater County Library System?  

Here are my 10 favorite reasons I think Rock Springs is a great place to live, including tons of helpful links for getting to know the area.
Click here to read the blog post.

Author: Beth Lemon