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On-Your-Land Custom Building: Crafting Your Dream Home Where You Want It

In the journey of constructing a custom home, the location is as crucial as the design and craftsmanship that goes into the building itself. With our On-Your-Land custom building services, we take your dream home from blueprint to reality on the very ground you've selected as your future homestead. This personalized approach to homebuilding combines the expertise of seasoned professionals with the unique vision of each homeowner, resulting in a residence that's as unique as the homesite it's built upon.

A highly abstract and minimalist panoramic image in a white background, representing the 'Construction' and 'Finishing Touches' phases of homebuilding. This ultra-wide and skinny format (1200x300) features abstract elements like a stylized shovel and house outline, symbolizing the beginning of construction. Additionally, there's an abstract representation of a house with a magnifying glass over it, indicating meticulous inspections. The overall composition is very sparse, using simple lines and shapes to convey the process of building and finishing a home with high standards.

Why Choose On-Your-Land Building?

Control Over Location

The adage "location, location, location" remains paramount in the value and satisfaction you derive from your home. On-Your-Land building allows you to choose your ideal spot—whether it's a quiet countryside or a plot with a panoramic view.

Personalization at Every Step

From the ground up, every aspect of your home is tailored to your preferences. You have the freedom to decide from our array of tried-and-true floor plans, interior styles, materials, and every little detail that will make the home truly yours. 

Cost Transparency

Building on your own lot or homesite can often be more cost-effective than a house in a new development. You get to decide how much to invest in the land and the location, and then you can enjoy our transparent pricing structure to ensure you understand where every dollar is going.

Seamless Process

Our team manages the complexity of construction, from acquiring the necessary permits to providing a 10-year Limited Warranty. With our expertise, you can enjoy a streamlined, low-stress process, knowing that all technical aspects are handled professionally.


Our On-Your-Land Building Process

An image showing a professional conducting a site assessment on a piece of land, intended for future home construction, in a wide format. The professional, equipped with surveying tools, is examining the terrain, soil, and accessibility of an empty, natural land plot. The landscape includes slight undulations and different soil types, suggesting potential and limitations of the site

1. Free Site Assessment

We begin by assessing your lot to understand its potential and limitations. If you do not own land yet, that's ok! We can still help you. (And I suggest you read this blog post.) We offer a no-strings-attached, FREE site assessment. This includes a thorough review of the terrain, soil, accessibility, and any other environmental factors that will influence the design and construction of your home. You and our team of professionals will be able to see which floor plans will work well with your land, enabling you to understand what will be required to prepare the site for building. Click here for detailed information on where Smart Dwellings can build your new home.

A highly abstract and minimalist panoramic image representing the 'Agreement to Build and Design Phase' of homebuilding on a white background. This ultra-wide and skinny format (1200x300) features extremely simplified, abstract elements: a few horizontal lines symbolizing a design table and vertical lines representing sample materials. Two very abstract figures, depicted as minimalistic shapes, engage in a design consultation. The composition is sparse, focusing on the essence of collaboration and creativity in the design process.

2. Agreement to Build and Design Phase

Once we have officially come to an agreement, and we have helped you choose the best layout and options for your home, the next step is design! 

Our professional designer works with you 1-on-1 to help you choose the look and feel of your home, from the color of the carpet to the style of your home's windows. We help you easily create a home that will reflect your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences, all while ensuring functionality and compliance with local building codes. 

Visit us in our Rock Springs Design Center to see finishes and materials in person. There's nothing quite like seeing and touching these things in person under the same roof, in the same lighting. And, it's so much fun! You leave your design session feeling empowered and excited, with a picture in mind of what your home will feel like. 

3. Accurate Pricing

With our in-depth knowledge of homebuilding finance, we provide accurate pricing models that give you a clear understanding of what your investment will be. Our financial transparency ensures that you can make informed decisions and have the confidence to move forward, and we work hand-in-hand with lenders to make sure all communication is clear and timely.

4. Construction

Leveraging our extensive experience in homebuilding, we use quality materials and proven techniques to build your home. Regular updates and milestone walkthroughs enable you to keep up with the progress being made, right from the first shovel of dirt. (Actually, you get to make that first shovelful yourself!) We guarantee you will be in your home within a year of that first day of construction. Read about our guarantee here.

5. Finishing Touches

Our commitment to excellence extends past the final stages of construction. We conduct a meticulous inspection of every feature, ensuring that your home is not just built to code, but to our high standards. We want this to be a truly delightful new home experience, whether we build for you on your land, or you are buying a move-in-ready Smart Dwellings Home.

A highly abstract and minimalist panoramic image representing the 'Move-In and Support' phase of homebuilding on a white background. This ultra-wide and skinny format (1200x300) features stylized elements like a key being handed over, a clean house outline, and an abstract packet symbolizing orientation materials. The scene uses simple lines and shapes to convey the process of moving into a newly completed home, emphasizing the readiness and support provided for a smooth transition.

6. Move-In and Support

Once your home is complete, we facilitate a smooth transition with a comprehensive orientation session and a packet for you to keep and refer to. We clean the home one more time and are ready to hand over the keys when financing is complete!

But that's not the last time you'll hear from us. Even after move-in, our customer service team remains available to support you as you settle in. If any warranty needs arise, you can simply request service on our website here.


Build with Smart Dwellings

Embrace the freedom of creating a home that is truly yours, on the land that you love. Connect with us today to begin the journey towards your future home. Feel like you should wait? Read this blog to help you decide We advise starting the conversation early, to get your preferred spot on the building schedule, giving you greater control of when you move into your new home.

Orange Ribbon and Seal of the Smart Dwellings Guarantee - to be finished with your home within 12 months of starting construction

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